Think Experience

  Today's regulatory and litigation landscape puts business at significant financial and reputational risk. As technology increases its pace and business is struggling to keep up with it, a new kind of lawyer is needed to fill the gap.

I'm that lawyer. Here is why.

  Think Experience, circa 2009, began as a foray into agile consulting and Lean Startup expertise delivered to startup teams in the early days of Silicon Alley. It was successful for as long as it was interesting. Over those years there were countless hack-a-thons, pitch competitions, mentoring, and consulting gigs across North American and Europe which resulted in amazing opportunities to contribute to some of the early start-ups born in that era. As that environment settled the next years found me splunking New York State's political landscape trying to make sense of NY Housing Administrative Law, and the regulatory climate in Albany, NY. Specifically with respect to Landlord Tenant law. As a founding member of Tenants And Neighbors Leadership Council, and a Community Board member I was front and center in the lead up to what ultimately became the Rent reforms of 2019 - coincidentally the year I graduated from Law School. :)

The years before then, and since have been steeped in Privacy, Security and Data Governance learnings - at the Fortune 1, where any product development muscle I could bring to CCPA, GDPR, Third Party and Data Governance were welcomed and useful. These recent experiences, and a legacy career in information technologies, form a foundation of expertise difficult to find even in a team of people.